Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas! Let’s start off with the good news. We’re officially less than 3 days from Christmas, and a most enjoyable long weekend spent with friends and family (or catching up on sleep if you’re somewhat like me). The better news? Aries Gold has implemented a new payment gateway on our website, which means more convenient transactions for all our beloved customers. If by any chance you’re wondering if we accept Bitcoin payment, we don’t as yet, but who knows what will happen in future, seeing how even my local kopitiam uncles are starting their cryptocurrency chatter.

And speaking of uncles, you do know what they’d appreciate at this year’s Secret Santa gifting session? Our answer: an all-new colour variation of our best-selling Aries Gold Lightning, as seen here. Styled in black and rose gold, it’s bound to get any male’s heart rate revved up. But that’s not all we have saved for all you good gentlemen. In the spirit of gifting, we’d suggest the most attention-grabbing automatic timepieces for anyone from your father to your brother. Or maybe, this is the year-end treat you deserve.



It’s been more than a year, and this leather-strapped, skeletal movement wonder is still selling faster than we can restock our shelves. Coincidence? We think not.



The Bad Boys of Boston, made especially for the bad boys of Singapore. Now you can complete your rocker outfit and make it limited edition, no less.



Not overly flashy, this is made for the gentleman who prefers subtlety and understated elegance.

- Watchman