You've got to lose to know how to Win

Whip out your Fender electric guitar. Break out the riffs. And when you’re all done paying homage to your musical heroes, get ready to heed our drumroll, please. For the latest limited edition collaboration timepiece featuring Aries Gold and Aerosmith is finally here, in the incarnation of the Limited Edition Aerosmith X Aries Gold watch – a fully automatic statement piece that truly typifies the Bad Boys of Boston. Skeletal dial design, check. The attitude to boot? Double check.

The Limited Edition watch makes an entrance as only rock legends know how, by way of a passport holder package that gives you licence to let loose. Upon inspection, the signature wings logo screams out, especially in low light, with Super Luminova illumination. Bold black accents stand out on the dial, with clear vision of the internal Japanese movement. A high quality leather strap with quick release spring bar completes the entire spectacle. All we know is, you don’t wanna miss a thing when it comes to this.

Collaboration with Slack

If Aerosmith hadn’t gone out of their way to be bad in a good way, the world would have been deprived of their rock talents and a whole lot of entertainment. Armageddon might have had a totally different theme song for that matter. And whether it’s graffiti or rock music or even sports in your case, if it’s something that fuels your hunger to live and represents who you truly are, go for it.

 That’s the reason our video for the Aries Gold x Aerosmith Limited Edition timepiece was fronted by Slac, the founder of Zinc Nite Crew, a local graffiti crew that takes their art seriously. Slac started way back in 1998, and had to fend off the detractors and naysayers to get to where he is today, with his own co-founded studio and relative success in his field. That’s the kind of can-do spirit and personality our Limited timepiece embodies, one that we really should aspire towards, especially in a country that often talks about thinking outside the box but rarely venturing beyond it. We know that Singapore’s got talent, so rock it! FYI, Slac’s a pretty mean skateboarder too, but it’s not something you’d discover in his bio here: